It's a difficult situation, Kristin McCoy tells Channel 3 she and her husband have done everything possible to take care of their daughter, Mickie.

But now the medical bills are adding up quick and won't slow down any time soon.

The McCoy's look like your average family, happy and stress free.

But behind closed doors, you'll find a lot of hurt.

"I've only told one person in my class. It's embarrassing. I don't want them to treat me differently," said Mickie McCoy.

"She has lesions, she has nose bleeds, she has seizures," said her Mother, Kristin McCoy.

Kristin tells Channel 3, Mickie has taken dozens of tests in the last several years, trying to determine what exactly was wrong.

Mickie was finally diagnosed with Epilepsy, but doctors believe she also has HHT which is an uncommon bleeding disorder, causing her severe nose bleeds and hindering her education and extracurricular activities.
She says they have Mickie on two different insurance policies, to help with costs.

"We figured at the time, since my husband and I both work, we would put her on both of the insurances. One's Blue Cross and one's United and we figured it would be best to have each insurance pick up as much as possible and be stuck with the higher premiums rather than have her on one insurance than have 80-20," said Kristin.

But they're still paying a great deal out of pocket.       

"Right now this year alone we've already occurred almost $5,000."

And while that may not seem like a large amount, Kristin tells Channel 3, doctors want to start Mickie on chemo treatments, to help with her bleeding disorder.

"Since she does not have cancer and instead she has a not rare but uncommon bleeding disorder, the treatment isn't FDA approved to treat it," said Kristin.

Which means it will cost the family nearly $4,000.

She says they make too much money for government assistance, but hardly enough to get by.

"We budget as much as we can. There are some weeks we eat rice and gravy and peanut butter and jelly for a week because we had to use that money to pay for her medications," said Kristin.

And she says the battle is far from over.

"You pick and you choose and make sacrifices for your kids. You don't have a choice there," said Kristin.

The McCoys have started a Facebook page where you can read Mickie's full medical story and contribute if you would like.

The family tells Channel 3 above all, they would love happy thoughts sent their way as they continue down the hopeful path to healing.