Sunday marks the first day of Sunday Alcohol Sales in the city of Fort Oglethorpe.

After years of debate, voters approved the Sunday Sales this week at the polls.

This means they are no longer a dry island in a wet Catoosa County after voters in Ringgold and other surrounding areas gave the green life approving alcohol sales Sunday.

"It's been a dry island were everyone around us can sell beer and we can't," said Mitul Patel,  Beverage World.

Sunday is now a day to grab a six-pack of beer or a bottle of liquor in Fort Oglethorpe and store owners couldn't be happier, they no longer feel stranded on a dry island.

That's because voters decided earlier this week to allow the sales on Sundays.

"We are excited, it's the first time we have sold beer on a Sunday since we have been open," said Patel.

Beverage World's door had a line of people waiting before the front doors open. Business was booming all afternoon with costumers walking in to purchase their beer or alcohol of choice.

"There's the yay's and the nay's but overall it was going to be a matter of time anyway," said Louis Wood, Beverage World costumer.

Costumer Louis Wood felt it was a matter of time and 'its about time" people can buy beer in Fort Oglethorpe, if they choose on a Sunday.

Beverage Worlds owner agrees  telling Channel 3 his business would lose money when people went elsewhere to buy alcohol. Sunday is a day he's been waiting for.

"It's been a good turnout, people were waiting for us to open. When we did they started buying," said Patel.

There were other customers like Frank Brown that says he will now enjoy not have to go far out of his way on Sunday to buy beer, while spending his own dollar in the city where he is from .

"We're now getting revenue and I can buy my beer close to home instead of going to Chattanooga and spending my taxes where I live," said Frank Brown, Beverage World customer.

Fort Oglethorpe know joins all the other surrounding areas within Catoosa County that also sell alcohol on Sundays.