The debate continues as Bradley County looks to find a solution to its animal control issues.

As of now the Bradley County Chairman tells us they're tossing around ideas of either one animal control group for both the county and the city or one for each.

At this point either route they take, a private group will be ultimately in charge.

The two groups in the running are the Ark of Cleveland and the Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty.

Channel 3 caught up with the Chairman of the Commission, Louie Alford, who says they're working hard to make a decision.

"Two committees, two separate groups working together. Hopefully one of them will come out with a good answer for both Bradley and Cleveland," said Louie Alford, Chairman of the Bradley County Commissioners.

Chairman of the Bradley County Commissioners Louie Alford says Bradley County is looking at several options, one would be to have a private group take over for the county.

The county would help provide a building for the new facilities.

But the ties between Bradley County and the city of Cleveland aren't completely severed and he says a deal could be made there as well.

"The city and the county have a small ad hoc committee and they're looking at possibly combining and using the present building and have an independent group run them also," said Alford.

Alford says once the decision is made the animals will be left up to the professionals either the ark of Cleveland or the SPCA.

"The government doesn't need to be in animal control. It needs to be with people like the SPCA or the Ark of Cleveland. People like that who want to get really involved and keep animals as safe as possible," said Alford.

 He says each option is working towards the same goal.

"The goal is to give the city and the county the best animal control situation that we can. Yet have someone take extremely good care of the animals," Alford.

And while they have nearly 4 months to make a decision.

"I'd like to have a decision pretty soon. If the county goes strictly on it's own on this. Then we have to have time to fix up the building and get a group in there. If we go with the county and the city. They've already got the building it's just the matter of getting our group moved in," said Alford.

Whatever is decided, Sherry Akin says she just wants the animals taken care of.

 "Animals are losing their lives because people are letting them go and not taking care of them and letting them breed and it's just not fair to the animals," said Sherry Akin, Animal Lover.

There will be another meeting with the ad hoc group for the county on Wednesday. They will continue to review the proposals.