Officials say they've seen an increase in the amount of emergency calls involving high falls and rope rescues. To make sure they're always prepared, rescue personnel have to routinely go through a special kind of training and that's exactly what happened Saturday.

First responders hike deep into the woods in Sale Creek, equipped with everything they need to reach a victim of a high fall.

This time the victim is about 30 feet below a nearby bluff. Thankfully, none of it is real.

Tennessee State Parks hosts a search and rescue training exercise which includes a high angle rescue. These type of operations involve a certain amount of risk and require special training and equipment.

"We try to make this as real a possible for those first responders," Amy Maxwell, with Hamilton County Emergency says. 

Rescue personnel from across the county took park in this weekend's training exercise. "Even though we're trying to save an individual who has been injured and in an awkward situation, we have to protect ourselves as well," Maxwell says.

About seven different teams took part in Saturday's training exercise.