Copper Basin High School's somewhat remote location in Polk County means that when there is an away game during football season, the team, cheerleaders, and Cougar Marching Band have to bus at least an hour to play! We were happy to catch them in a late-season game at Chattanooga's Grace Academy this year.

First year Director Spencer Hughes says he has a wonderful group of kids. He is starting with around 30 players and hopes to grow the program to as many as 50 in short order.

Since Mr. Hughes in newly installed at the helm, the Cougar Marching Band did not venture to any contests this year, but they did get over to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Band Day. This great event puts high school players on the field with the UTC Band during halftime and in the stands to play during the game, as well.

The Copper Basin halftime show, this year, was composed of the songs of Journey. In the stands, they play all sorts of music. From their familiar fight song, "Rocky Top" to the more current hit they played for us, "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons, Mr. Hughes says they love to entertain the crowd and get the players pumped up.

It is a great program with some outstanding students over in Copper Hill, Tennessee. Our thanks and congratulations to the Copper Basin High School Cougar Marching band, our Band of he Week!