(WPMI) An Alabama based tanning salon company has apologized after posting what some are calling a controversial ad.

Club Sun Color Studio posted an ad on its Facebook page saying that Native Americans brought sexy color to the first Thanksgiving.

It showed a tanned brunette dressed in Native American costume. Next to her is a more pale blonde pilgrim.

"I don't think they should have printed something out like that," said Ebony Monigan.

The ad has caused quite a stir. "I think it's offensive to the Indian culture," said Monigan.

The ad stated, The Indians brought more than just 'corn' to the first Thanksgiving. They brought "sexy color." For as low as $7.99 customers could get and instant, flawless, sunless sprays to look like the sexy Native Americans.

"That's sad that society has to be like this," said one Mobile woman. The ad has since disappeared from the company's Facebook page.

The tanning salon's marketing director apologized, stating the ad was never meant to be offensive or racist.

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