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Spring City passes ordinance making it more difficult to obtain pseudoephedrine

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Pharmacies in Spring City will now be requiring a prescription in order to purchase pseudoephedrine.

The city leaders voted unanimously on the ordinance Thursday night.

Spring City mayor Billy Ray Patton tells Channel 3 he felt like the state should be working to tackle the pseudoephedrine problem, but since they aren't, the smaller municipalities will.

"In Spring City we're seeing an increase in people trying to buy pseudoephedrine."

It's a trend among many municipalities as they work to put restrictions on one key ingredient to making meth, pseudoephedrine.

Mayor Billy Ray Patton says dozens of cities and counties across the state have passed the ordinance, pushing them to draw one up.

"Those folks were coming over here to Spring City once it became harder to get it in Meigs County.  Probably 60 percent increase in people trying to buy it since Decatur passed their ordinance."

The vote passed the ordinance unanimously, ssaying you must have a prescription in order to obtain pseudoephedrine.

The mayor says they're getting mixed reviews, "When you pass an ordinance such as this.. The good people that use pseudoephedrine for their whatever their illness is.. It's going to make it a little harder for them to buy it."

However, he says it won't be as bad as you might think, saying the prescription can come from a pharmacist too.

"That's not going to cause a problem for a person who is wanting to purchase these products, wouldn't have to go to the doctor and pay for prescriptions again, that's not the case."

But the mayor says it won't make it any easier on someone buying it for the wrong reasons, "Pharmacies, especially here is Spring City, we don't have any chain pharmacies. They know their customers, they know who to sell to, and if they want to refuse to sell to someone then they can do that."

Mayor Patton says they feel the new ordinance will take the pressure off the police department and pharmacies, and keep those who don't need the medicine away from it

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