The lieutenant in charge of auto theft claims at the Chattanooga Police Department is lobbying local state representative Vince Dean hoping to propose a new law that would require scrap metal yards to take a photo of the car and the person trying to sell it while holding up their picture id.

The CPD stopped by a handful of scrap yards and asked them to voluntarily give this process a try.  A few local companies say they like the idea of taking extra precautions.

Bax Win Metal employee, Dwain Eddington says, "We told one guy we needed to take his picture. He went back to the car, backed out and took off down Broad St."
Zack Fernandex with Top Dollar for Junk says, "I've noticed it's scared people away when you ask them for a title or ID. It will also make it harder for them to sell without showing proof of ownership, drivers license and info like that."

The CPD wants a thorough check of the cars tags and title, to make sure they match up with the sellers photo id first before a vehicle gets shredded into pieces.