(NBC)  "Black Widow 4-Deuce" was the nickname Vietnam helicopter pilot Larry Oakley.  He has not thought of it in years.
Oakley is now pulling boxes of memorabilia out from storage to share
with the world..
He's uploading everything onto his personal page on "The Honor Wall."
It's Ancestry.Com's new website dedicated to veterans.

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Oakley says building his webpage has brought back a lot of memories.
"I mean I hadn't thought about being in that bunker since i got back." says Oakley
Even more important to Oakley is the page dedicated to his father,
a World War Two veteran.

Oakley laughs when he sees new pictures of his father on the website.
"A  lot of these pictures I never saw,he was a handsome guy wasn't he?" laughs Oakley
"The Honor Wall" dedicates one page to every service member.
Visitors can search for veterans from the home page and contribute to existing profiles.
Adding information that is otherwise gone because available records are not complete.  You can also create your own profile page.
"We wanted to honor veterans we wanted to give back something to them so they could tell their story." explains Brock Bierman who helped develop the site.
The more than 20 million records stored inside the National Archives serves as the foundation for information on the honor wall, but the rest of the details come from personal memories.
The letters to home, the photos and medals all preserved for the future generations to come.