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VIDEO: Skydivers' planes collide mid-air; helmet cams capture fall

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By Scott Stump, TODAY

(NBC) - Nine skydivers made an incredible safe return to earth after a terrifying plane collision that caused one to burst to flames.

The fiery scene, which unfolded 12,000 feet in the air above Wisconsin Saturday evening, was captured on five helmet cameras worn by the divers as they were flung into the air.

The footage, obtained exclusively by NBC News, shows the jumpers landing on the ground, one by one, shaken and emotional but uninjured, and hopping into a truck to gather up the others. The skydivers and one of the planes' pilots will appear on TODAY Tuesday to tell the harrowing story of their survival.

All the skydivers opened their chutes and landed safely; the pilot of the first plane got out alive, too, using his emergency parachute.

All that was left was for Blake Wedan to land the second plane, which he did, safely, even though there was damage to the propeller and wing.

"Anytime two planes collide in the air, I mean, it's a potential disaster for everybody involved, so we were all very, very lucky here," instructor Mike Robinson, 64, told NBC News.

Robinson said then that the two single-engine planes were in position for a maneuver called a tracking dive, with one closely following the other.

"The sun was just getting ready to set, it was our last load of the day," he said. "It was just a perfect time to be up in the sky."

The cause of the accident is unknown, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The planes were owned by Skydive Superior.

With Tracy Connor, NBC News

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