Collegedale city leaders are washing their hands of a property dispute centering around a local veteran.

WW ll veteran Vernon Herod went before the council Monday saying the city ignored its very own codes and regulations by allowing his neighbor to build on his property.

Months ago,  Herod says his neighbor, Tammie Davis asked to use a small portion of his property to build a turn-around.  He allowed that, but now says, she's continued to build over the property line.

Monday night, the city decided this is a civil matter between the two that needs to be settled in court.

We first introduced you to Herod last month, for the first time we hear from his neighbor who says, this is all a misunderstanding.

The veteran's attorney made an offer to Davis saying she could buy the land from Davis for 5000 dollars.

Davis is seeking counsel before making a decision.

A group of veterans, in court to support Herod, is offering to build a privacy fence for Herod.