Many agencies were involved with this long investigation, but we found out the mayor helped push it along with some of his initiatives.

"This is really an important day in our fight against crime in the community, as I've said for months, our streets are too dangerous," said Mayor Andy Berke.

It was a combined effort of federal, state, and local agencies.

Police Chief Bobby Dodd says Mayor Berke came through on some of his promises.

"You have to look at this and realize it was one of the campaign promises that Mayor Berke made and it's a follow through," said Dodd.

To help with his crime strategy, Mayor Berke brought in a safety coordinator earlier in the year and incorporated two programs; an anti-drug program called the ‘High Point Initiative' and ‘Ceasefire', which focuses on local gang activity.  Both would help with the already ongoing investigation.

"We have been focused on the people who do the most damage in our community. I think you will see when looking at the individuals this has been targeted in sending the message. 'this violence has to stop'," said Berke.

Mayor Berke tells Channel 3 the city funded a U.S. Attorney who proved to be a key player in bringing all of the agencies together as well as keeping focused on Chattanooga's crime.

 "We wanted someone who woke up every day thinking 'how do we stop violence in Chattanooga'," said Berke.

Berke says they're now one step closer to safer streets.

"Today is the next step. It's the next step because we continue to roll out the high point initiative in an attempt to tell individuals in our community who are associated with violence. This must end. It will end," said Berke.

The investigation is still ongoing; they hope to make more arrests.