A homeowner located at 1900 Huff Place called the Chattanooga Police when she noticed her car was missing out of her driveway.

A neighbor noticed a tow truck pull up, hook up a 1988 Oldsmobile and drive off.

The owner found out through investigators someone sold her vehicle to a local junk yard on South Market Street.

The going rate for scrap metal ranges between 10 - 12 cents a pound, which averages between $250 - $500 per vehicle.

One witness, says she noticed the truck driving up and down the street and described the truck as a flatbed.

A representative at the scrap yard said they wait about three days before shipping the materials to a mega shredder. No title is needed for a vehicle older than a 2000. 

They did give the car's owner $500 when they found out what happened.

The Auto Theft Department within the Chattanooga Police Department is investigating this case and others that may be connected to it.