We may soon know the fate of the man accused of shooting at and hitting his wife in a fit of rage in September.

Charges of especially aggravated domestic assault and reckless endangerment against Leon Biddy have been bound over to the grand jury. It took 4-6 weeks to decide whether or not to indict him in criminal court.

Police had a short standoff with Biddy at his Harrison home when police responded to a domestic call Sept. 28. He was arrested after threatening to kill his wife and shooting through the bathroom door where she was hiding in the bathtub. Part of her face was hit, but she's doing okay.

Biddy's wife, Rita McDonough, told Channel-3, off camera Wednesday, the couple had been married for two years and that while he was always controlling, last month's violent outburst came out of nowhere.

Rita testified against her husband Tuesday in court. She said he offered to take her to the hospital but that if he did that, "he'd be done for." She said she panicked and to the neighbors house for help.

Mary Jane Slaughter and her husband Bill helped Rita call police after the violent September morning. Rita said part of the gunshot hit her face.

"I said 'Rita, he messed you up a lot for shooting you. It was bad," said neighbor Mary Jane Slaughter.

"They thought it was out of character. They never saw something like that happening," said neighbor Sydney Taylor.

Sydney Taylor lives down the street. As she told it, the 46-year-old was drinking moonshine with a neighbor friend the night before.

"The gentleman brought up his motorcycle and was up here drinking and having fun and the next morning, the cops were out there blocking the street," Taylor said.

Rita said Biddy claims not to remember the threats and the gunshot. But as she testifies against him in court, she does remember.

Biddy is out on bond as charges against him have been bound over to the grand jury by Judge Clarence Shattuck. Rita has a restraining order against her husband and is filing for divorce.

The couple's Harrison home is under Biddy's name but when Channel-3 knocked there Wednesday, only Rita's mother was home. The family said they don't know for sure where Biddy has been staying while out on bond.

Rita said the police confiscated 22 guns from the couple's home.