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"Teddy Roosevelt" alerts disabled veteran to raging house fire

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LARGO, FL (WFLA) -- A Largo, Florida man says a wake-up call saved his life from a fire that was ripping through his home.

Charlie Baird woke up that night to a living nightmare.

A fire was eating away at the walls and roof of his home.

Chances are Baird would've slept right through it if it hadn't been for the actions of his dog, Teddy Roosevelt.

"The next thing I know, Teddy's got me by the leg and he's growling and pulling on me," Baird recalls.  "He's never done that before."

Teddy's a service dog, trained to give therapy to those at the Veterans Administration and to help his owner, who's a disabled veteran himself.

"I couldn't believe he was biting into my skin. But he had to get my attention and he did it," Baird says.

Both of them barely got out.

Baird spent three days in the hospital due to smoke inhalation, and Teddy's burns mark a canine's own courage.

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