A man was shot multiple times in East Chattanooga, sending him to the hospital. It happened around 1 o'clock Monday afternoon near the intersection of Wilson Street and Orchard Knob Avenue.

Channel 3 spoke with a woman who ran to help the victim, who is identified as 26-year-old Montez McClendon. She says moments before the shooting, McClendon stopped at her house and asked to use the phone, so he could catch a ride to work. Moments later she heard the shots and found the man lying in the middle of Wilson Street.

"He got shot once in the back. And if I'm not mistaken it was in the right leg in the shin and in the bottom of his foot," says Sonya Rawlings.

Sonya Rawlings says the shooting on Wilson Street leaves her with flashbacks.

"Man! I mean, Man! I'm like, this is the second time that I have been engaged in an encounter like this. A few years ago a man got shot right here and that young man died in my arms," says Rawlings.

Rawlings says moments before McClendon was shot, he stopped by her house and asked to use the phone. Just minutes after he left she heard the shots.

"I heard 'pow, pow, pow,' about six shots. My grandson was standing on the porch. And I snatched him back in the house," says Rawlings.

Concerned about her sister who lives down the street, she ran to see what happened. That's when she found McClendon in the middle of the road, bleeding.

"I just took my shirt off and applied pressure to the wound and tried to keep him as calm as I could. Because he was really upset. He said, 'I didn't do nothing. I do nothing. I don't bother nobody. I don't bother nobody.' He just kept repeating, 'I don't bother nobody.'"

She says she looked him the eyes and told him everything was going to be okay.

"My heart goes out to the young man. I just pray and ask God to cover him by the blood of Jesus that he'll be okay," says Rawlings.

Rawlings says something has to change.

"Put the guns down. Put the gun down and pick up the Bible."

McClendon is expected to be okay. Police say the shooter is a black man who drove away in a black Honda Accord. If you have any info that will help in the case call Chattanooga Police.