Origin Church began four years ago but members didn't have a place to call home, that was until now.

What started out as small gatherings at a local YMCA in Chattanooga has turned into a couple dozen strong in Ringgold.

"Our goal is to kind of band together and grow one step closer to Jesus and learn more about him, church volunteer, TJ Gephart says.

They didn't have a permanent home but that didn't stop members from traveling to different cities, spreading the gospel. "We are a church for imperfect people. Nobody is perfect, we're all imperfect. We all have our problems and we welcome you here," says member Amanda Stanton.

On April 27, 2011 the church found a new calling. Neighborhoods and communities devastated by the tornado needed help, Origin was there.

The church has given more than a million dollars to residents in Ringgold and Chattanooga for help after the storm.

"We didn't swoop in like all the other organizations did immediately. We waited until the Fall actually when all other organizations had kind of tapered off," Rebecca Gephart says.

Now in a city that has had to partially rebuild itself, Origin is laying its foundation, this time for good.

The church continues to give to the tornado relief fund. You can find out more by clicking here.