An FBI agent in Knoxville confirms to Channel 3 they have located the possible getaway car used in Wednesday's bank robbery that ended in a bank manager being shot.

The car, reported stolen, was located near Hamilton Place Mall late Thursday night. Based on tips as well as the time and location of the car, agents believe this could be the car. They are investigating to know for sure.

Police say a man walked into the First Tennessee Bank at 7820 East Brainerd Road Wednesday morning around 10 and fired two shots into the ceiling, before taking money and shooting a bank employee.

That employee is in fair condition at Erlanger Hospital.

Police say the masked suspect then left the scene in a white Kia driven by a white female. The two drove eastbound on East Brainerd Road.

The male suspect wore a black mask and black gloves with a white long sleeved shirt, dark pants and dark shoes. He's described as 5'07-5'09" tall with a stocky build.

If you have any information, call the FBI (865-544-0751) or Chattanooga Police (423-698-2525). A reward is being offered for information that leads to his arrest.

Retired FBI Agent Talks to Channel 3

Former FBI agent Wayne Jackson said there's a number of reasons this robber may have targeted the bank.

"Bank robbers do their homework, too. They pick targets," he said. "Maybe the person knows that area very well. Maybe they've figured out a quick getaway from that bank."

And robbers have hit the First Tennessee Bank on East Brainerd Road before. In Dec. 2001, there was an eerily similar hold-up when a masked man walked in the bank at 10:30 a.m. and fired two shots into the ceiling. Twelve years later, that's exactly how this morning robbery started, too.

"They use that as an attention-grabber more or less, very seldom do you hear about someone getting shot in a bank," he said of shooting a gun upon entry.

Jackson said it's rare anyone is ever shot in a bank robbery.

"Usually people that target banks don't do in with guns a-blazing'," he said.

And once they're caught, the bad guys have to pay. Jackson said the suspect could face up to 20 years in prison. Tack on an extra 5 years for just threatening a gun. Add 7 years for taking it a step further and showing a gun. And for this person, he could face the initial 20 years plus an extra 10 years for shooting a gun.

Jackson said despite Wednesday's incident, the First Tennessee Bank is as safe as any bank in town.

"You just never know when someone is going to choose to rob a bank or which bank it's going to be," he said.