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3 On Your Side: Chattanooga homeowner catches thief on camera

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A Chattanooga man is fed up with a thief repeatedly taking off with his hard-earned property. Now he has the criminal on camera and hopes you can help identify him to police.

We first met Kenny Johnson in January. He was in the process of building his home, when thieves took off with everything from the toilet to the doors. Fast forward to now,and the home's complete, and he moved in. The thefts haven't stopped, but now he's got video of the thief in the act.

"I'm afraid since there ain't nothing outside no more, I'm afraid he's going to be coming in the house next," homeowner Kenny Johnson said.

Johnson armed his South Seminole Drive home with security cameras and alarms after falling victim to multiple thefts throughout the home building process and now that he's moved in.

"Every time I wake up, that's the first thing I do is look up here at this camera," Johnson said.

And it's paid off, at least partially. He's captured video of the same man on at least four different occasions, helping himself to anything he can carry off.

"Just walking around, thinks he's found a honey hole around here and he just gets what he wants," Johnson said.

He says the man's gotten away with several thousand dollars in equipment from industrial fans, tools, lawn mowers to even his wheel barrel a couple days ago.

"See he's getting my wheel barrel and then says 'oh wait there's a ladder down here. Let me go get it too,'" Johnson said.

And he's doing it right under his nose.

"He was underneath the house stealing stuff while I was making coffee, and I didn't even know it until I went back and read the camera," Johnson said.

He's filed theft reports with Chattanooga Police and says they ensured extra patrols. Johnson says one video seems to show police driving by while the thief was under the porch gathering items to steal.

"Ain't a whole lot I can do but try to catch him myself and hold him til they get here is all I know to do," Johnson said.

He also worries about his family's safety. Johnson's offering a $250 reward for anyone who can identify this man. He appears to be tall and slender, wearing light tennis shoes and a jacket and driving a truck.

"You can tell it's a king cab looks like a Chevy to me. Looks like silver or gray," Johnson said.

Johnson says he loves his new house and neighborhood, but if the thefts don't stop, he'll have to sell it and move.

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