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LFO stroke survivor receives wheelchair ramp

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ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB) -- We first told you Chase Smith's story in the summer. He had three strokes, lost his vision, couldn't speak or move the right half of his body. He's worked hard as his body continues to heal and his friends put in some sweat equity on Wednesday to make it easier when he returns home.

"Kids like this. It really makes you wanna get out here and help him," said Buster Smith with the Modern Woodmen of America.

Helping is what Buster Smith and the Modern Woodmen do best, "do something that you can do to help them. You're capable of making them be able to do what they do," said Smith.

In 12 years Buster and his crew have built more than 200 wheelchair ramps... Each one has a unique story. Wednesday's is for LFO student Chase Smith who over the summer had three strokes.

While Chase is rehabbing in Atlanta his former classmates are helping build his ramp,"he's always been the type of person to pick you up when you're down so we're trying to be there for him like that," said Chase's friend Kain Suttles.

Chase has made progress since July. He can now see, speak and mobility is slowing coming back.

The former LFO Warrior on the field is living up to his school's mascot.

His battle for a sense of normalcy has inspired former teammates like Suttles, "we always battled for spots on the football field but since this happened he's become an inspiration to me. Every time I think about giving up I think about what he goes through every day."

While Chase fights to one day ditch the wheelchair all together, Buster and the team say this ramp will go a long way, "having to go up in the dirt and grass and everything, his daddy said it was a royal mess. I just getting a blessing out of it"

Buster told us that just this year before Chase had his first stroke he helped Buster build a wheelchair ramp in North Georgia.

We're told that Chase will be home for Thanksgiving and back in school in January.

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