A bank employee is recovering after being shot during a bank robbery Wednesday morning.

Police say a masked suspect walked into the First Tennessee Bank at 7820 East Brainerd Road at 10:10 a.m. Wednesday and fired two shots into the ceiling using a semi-automatic handgun.

One bank employee was shot during the robbery and was transported to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Chattanooga Police Officer Tim McFarland said there were a few customers inside but he didn't know how many.

The suspect left the bank in a white Kia driven by a white female accomplice. Police don't have a suspect description of the passenger or know what direction the car was driving.

The suspect left the bank with a yet-undetermined amount of cash in the robbery. Officer McFarland said there is surveillance at the bank with pictures of the masked suspect.

The robbery in broad daylight is enough to put one nearby resident on edge.

"I could've been right there in that parking lot when they come out just shooting," said Mike Shields. "You know, something like that happens, they don't care, they'll shoot at everybody to get away and not get caught."

Mike Shields lives .5 mile away from the bank and frequents the parking lot during his morning exercise routine. Shields was at a nearby Mapco when a police officer came inside and alerted the clerks to be on the lookout for the suspects.

"Amazes me that somebody would do that in broad daylight. I don't know what it's coming to," he said.

The FBI remains on the scene investigating the attempt.

Police are asking for the public's help for information about the robbery. Contact the Chattanooga Police Department at (423) 698-2525 or Crime Stoppers at (423) 698-3333.