A longtime Chattanooga business is giving a woman a new start with a new car after a "3 On Your Side" report.

Channel 3 aired a story Oct. 15 about how Mountain View Nissan was working with the Cleveland woman to "make things right."

Deena Olivas said she bought a brand new car from the dealership in April. She took it to a dealer-approved body shop for some warranty repair on a hood seal on September 25. That is when the body shop mechanic told her the car might not be so perfect after all.

She didn't understand how she could buy a car with only 15 miles and later be told the car had been damaged and repaired without her ever knowing. Olivas said she immediately notified the dealer.

"Some bolts had been moved, paint discoloration, all sorts of stuff underneath not visible to the eye," she said.

Olivas put about 9,000 miles on the car between April and September and said not once was the car wrecked and repaired under her ownership.

She filed a claim with Nissan but their investigation revealed no error from the manufacturer. A corporate spokesperson for Nissan said they inspect all vehicles before they leave the factory and when they arrive at the dealer.

The dealership said last week it had no record of damage on its lot but chose not to comment again. Channel 3 checked Carfax and found no record of damage.

"I think when they load them on the trucks, somebody's either bumped it, wrecked it, did something to it and then swept it under the rug," she said.

Regardless of where the damage happened or who's at fault, Mountain View Nissan kept its word and made it right. The morning after the 3 On Your Side report, Olivas said she got the answer she had been waiting for.

"Dealership called me Wednesday morning and said they wanted to make it right with me," she said. "After the story aired, they put me in a new car, and I'm very pleased and will continue doing service with them."

Just three days after calling "3 On Your Side," Olivas was driving another brand new Nissan Maxima. It's the same model but she hopes this time doesn't have any damage or hidden repairs under the hood.

"I greatly appreciate everything you guys have done for me," she said. "Nissan never did step up to the plate, so being the wonderful dealership that they are, Mountain View had to step up and take care of their customer."

Mountain View Nissan has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with only nine complaints in the last three years. All nine complaints were resolved.