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Cleveland family pleads for help years after a tragic accident

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Michael Truelove, 26, recounts the accident 13 years ago that changed his life forever.

"As soon as I turn on the road the memory comes back of that day," Michael says. "We were sitting right here about 5 to 6 feet off the road."

At the time he was 12-years-old, his brother Chris was six. They were taking a break from riding an ATV on an October afternoon.

"We had just put our helmets on to start back through the trail, we heard some sticks popping," explains Michael. "There was a mini van that had run off the road and was headed right towards us."

Michael attempted to shield his younger brother but in the process his foot was pinned between the ATV and the van.

"My first instinct was to get up and I went to step with my right foot and I felt an abnormal sensation," Michael says. "My foot was sitting beside me in my tennis shoe that I had on."

Doctors were able to reattach his foot and Michael was getting back to a normal life.

Years later he met his wife Brooke, it was love at first sight. Despite his foot, he worked two and three jobs to provide for his family. In 2011, they bought their first home and this August they welcomed their second child.

However, doctors had bad news. An MRI scan ten months ago showed Michael was no longer able to work and his foot may have to amputated.

Now Brooke's part time job is the family's only income. "We've had trouble getting groceries, keeping food on the table for them," she says.

"I feel like as a dad and as a husband I've just completely failed," Michael says.

Michael's family and church have helped but its just not enough. They'll lose their home at the beginning of the year if they can't make the payments.

"I'd rather do it on my own but if I didn't swallow my pride and at least give my family a chance to get help then my family wouldn't have a home," Michael says. "If you feel compelled to help, God bless you. My family would forever be grateful."

The Southern Heritage Bank in Cleveland has set up a donation fund for the Truelove family. You can also help by clicking here and search "Truelove family".    

"If you can't donate just pray for us. That's all we ask," says Brooke.

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