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BRUNSWICK, Ga. (AP) - The trial of a Georgia man charged with clubbing his father and seven extended family members to death inside a mobile home has dredged up comparisons to another mass killing in the state's distant past.

Jurors hearing the case against 26-year-old Guy Heinze Jr. will have to consider whether he single-handedly could have slain all eight victims. Prosecutors last week slipped in a short reference to a 126-year-old case with eerie similarities.

Thomas G. Woolfolk (WHUL-fork) was convicted and hanged after being accused of killing nine family members, including his father and stepmother, with an ax at their farmhouse near Macon on Aug. 6, 1887.

There are key differences between the two cases. Heinze is standing trial for eight killings, while Woolfolk was tried only for killing his father.

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