A Chatsworth man faces several charges after authorities say he tried to run over an elderly woman's trailer. According to police, the suspect got upset when his ex-girlfriend would not leave with him.

It happened at home on Keith Drive in Dalton Tuesday afternoon. The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office says 30-year-old Joshua Lowe slashed the tires on his ex-girlfriend's car and was making terroristic threats.

Channel 3 talked with the woman's step-grandfather, who says Jason Lowe is where he needs to be; behind bars. He says Lowe was threatening to kill him and everyone inside the trailer and he says thankfully police showed up just in time.

"He threatened to shoot me and kill me and everyone else that was out in the yard," says Mark Toney.

Mark Toney says his step-granddaughter was on the run from her ex-boyfriend, 30-year-old Joshua Lowe.

"She came here night before last and said 'Mamaw, I'm scared. I'm scared to go home.'"

Toney says the two had only been dating a few months, when the relationship turned violent.

"She's scared of him. He's tried to choke her once," says Toney.

Things came to a head Monday night when Lowe started stalking her at her grandmother's house off Keith Drive in Dalton and slashed all four tires on her car. The next day, he came back while a group of family and friends was at the home.

"Josh was sitting down there in his truck raising cane, cussing, hollering, screaming."

Toney says Josh was "raising hell" and demanding his ex-girlfriend get in the truck with him.

"She was crying, trying to get him to leave and he wouldn't do it. She begged him to leave. And he said, 'I ain't leaving until you're coming with me.'"

Tire marks are still in the front yard, where Lowe started revving his truck, taunting Toney and others.

"Next thing I know, he was cussing and hollering and said, 'I'm gonna kill everyone that's in this house. I'm gonna ram my truck through it.' He said, 'It's paid for and I don't care.'">

He says that is when the friends and family grabbed yard tools and starting waiving Lowe away. Toney says he knew Lowe would ram his truck inside the trailer.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I believe he really would. That's just how bad he really was."

Moments later, police arrived and arrested Lowe.

"He said when he gets out he's going to be looking for her. And she's afraid for her life if he gets out," says Toney.

He says Lowe needs to stay behind bars for good.

"A man like that doesn't need to be on the road because he's too dangerous to society and himself. And he needs to be where he can get all the help he can get."

Besides a past theft charge, Lowe does not have an extensive criminal history. He is charged with aggravated assault, making terroristic threats and other charges. He is set to appear in court Friday for a bond hearing.