A North Georgia family is going through the debris after a fire destroys their home.

Minutes after hitting snooze on her alarm Thursday morning one family member was woken up by the smell of smoke. She quickly woke up two others and made an exit out the back door. The house is a total loss but no injuries to report from a frantic Rossville morning.

"It makes you think about things you know you never want to take things for granted," said neighbor Tyler Waymier.

As Waymier points out things can be taken quicker than you'd think. One moment his neighbors a family of three were sound asleep, the next moment they're fleeing out the back door in a cloud of smoke.

"We'll do anything we can to help them. There is help out there, there's help and God is with them," said another neighbor Sheila Gamble.

Gamble says the community will step up to help in any way possible. Gamble and her sister are watching one of the family's dogs, the other didn't make it out.

Fire investigators say the fire started on the front porch. While the exact cause hasn't been confirmed Fire Marshal Waymond Westbrook says all signs point to something plugged into an outdoor outlet.

Westbrook said, "I've traced down the wire and found a small light like it would have gone to a plastic pumpkin or some decoration. That's a strong suspect right now."

Westbrook says this is the season for outdoor decorations whether it be Halloween or Christmas, to prevent the chance of electrical fires there are steps you can take at home, "make sure whatever product you buy it has that UL label on it. When you're not using it unplug it. When you're gone from home unplug it. When you go to bed unplug it."

The Rossville family did have insurance and is already in contact with the Red Cross.