A local singer made it onto this season of the singing competition show The Voice on NBC. After making it onto "Team Blake," Fort Payne, Alabama native Justin Chain was sent home.

23-year-old Justin Chain grew up in Fort Payne and moved to the Nashville area about a year ago to pursue his dream of becoming a country music star. He says he's disappointed about not making it further on The Voice, but says with local and now national support, he's got what he needs to reach his goals.

"I was in Chattanooga a couple weekends ago and I was eating and then people came up and were like 'hey are you that guy from The Voice?' and I'm like yeah," Justin Chain said.

He's back from Los Angeles and now selling cars in Murfreesboro,Tennessee, but with a lot bigger fan base than before this season of The Voice.

Coach Blake Shelton picked Justin in the blind auditions.

"As soon as I saw his chair just barely start moving, everything was fine. I'm on a team. I'm good. I made it... and I pretty much blacked out from that point on," Justin said.

But, he explains that was after several auditions with producers in Atlanta and L.A. earlier this year.

"Oh I was like I'm going to blow it. I'm going to bomb and it's going to be so bad, but I didn't know what to think because it was such a big opportunity," Justin said.

Sworn to secrecy on how far he made it, Justin's friends and co-workers have been watching the show like the rest of us to find out.

"Like holy crap! He's really there with Blake and all them," co-worker Tim Stevens said.

"He does a lot of singing around here so the fact that he tried out for The Voice and got accepted, I was just tickled pink for him," Justin's boss Jeremy Swain said.

Justin suffered a near deadly motorcycle accident a few years ago in Fort Payne. Doctors said if he survived, he likely wouldn't walk. After proving them wrong, he tried out for American Idol. He didn't make it, but that wasn't stopping him either.

Last week his friends and millions of others watched as Justin competed in the "battle rounds." He was sent home from the competition.

"You're a great singer and I don't know what you could've done differently," The Voice coach Blake Shelton said.

But, Justin's been getting calls and emails from people interested in helping him in the music industry.

"I'm not going to take no for an answer so I'm very determined. That's what I'm 100-percent focused on," Justin said.

Justin is playing as many local shows as he can and writing songs for his album. There's a chance we could see him perform again on The Voice later this season, but he says he hasn't heard anything yet.