The family of a Georgia woman hit and run over on Interstate 24 is pleading for help in finding the driver responsible. The accident happened early Sunday morning on I-24 westbound when she fell off the back of a motorcycle when it crashed. Moments later, a car ran over her leg and the driver kept going.

Rachal Henson is still in the ICU in critical condition. One of her legs was severely injured after the car ran over her. Her cousin, Tara, says she is determined to find out who the driver is and why they never stopped.

"It shouldn't have been her. I would have went through it instead of her. She means a lot to me," says Tara Huskey.

Tara Huskey says her cousin, 31-year-old Rachal Henson, is more like a sister and says she can not imagine what Rachal went through the moment a car ran over her leg on Interstate 24.

"I think about that every day. I don't sleep. Just the image of her flying off that bike and what she went through," says Huskey.

It was early Sunday morning, when Rachal was riding on the back of a friend's motorcycle.

"They were riding the outside line," says Huskey. "He collided with another car into another lane."

At that point, everyone was ok. A good samaritan quickly stopped to slow down traffic but it was too late.

"She tumbled into another lane and a car was coming and ran her over her and just kept going."

Tara says she does not understand why the driver did not stop.

"I would think that you would know if you're running over something, going down a road, whether you're going 10 miles an hour or 65 miles an hour. You know, especially if it's a, you know, a human being," says Huskey.

She says it is still hard to process what happened.

"She would have walked away from this accident with just road rash and couple of scratches and bruises if it hadn't had been for that car."

Now Rachal faces major surgery and a long road to recovery.

"The lower part of her leg was crushed. There's no bone there at all. And they have to put a steel rod in there," says Huskey, holding back tears.

Tara is just thankful Rachal is alive.

"But she still has her legs, so I'm happy about that. And She's here. She's alive."

She begs anyone with any information about the accident, to come forward.

"If anybody, if anybody knows anything about that night, step forward. Because you've got to think, what if it was one of their family members laying there?"

Rachal was wearing a helmet. She is having surgery Thursday to rebuild her leg. The driver of the motorcycle told police he got a glimpse of the car as it drove by and says it is a beige or light-colored Nissan sedan. If you have information that can help solve this case, call the Chattanooga Police Department.