Teresa Evans in Etowah has had her hands full lately.

For weeks she noticed the owner of a trailer on County Road 561 hasn't been home, but several dogs were running around the yard.

"I think total, there are about 27 dogs between here and the trailer."

Evans noticed two litters of puppies in the back under the trailer and one by one she began to take them in.

So far, fourteen have made it to her backyard.

There's plenty of space, but more than a dozen are still at the trailer.

Her goal is to bring the entire litter home until someone can give them a better one.

Right now the extended family is eating away at her wallet.

"I have to pay for their food. I have to pay for their cedar shavings. I have to pay for electricity for the fans when they are going."

That's costing about $100 a week.

She placed flyers up for anyone looking for a new addition to their family.

She just wants the pups' new owners to take better care than the previous.

"Are you going to give them to somebody that is like him that is tired of them and will throw them out? I figure, they have been abused enough."

We checked with the city of Etowah and it has no limit on the number of pets you can own.

Her other concerns are violating any city codes for noise.

Evans says the last thing she wants is for the dogs to land in a pound where the older dogs are least likely to be adopted.

"The answer to it is just put them all to sleep. If they do that then put the person who did this down too."

If you would like to adopt one of the dog call Teresa Evans at 423-453-7341.