As the Chattanooga Volkswagen workers, Volkswagen and the United Auto Workers continue to work through the issues surrounding possible unionization, four of those workers filed a federal lawsuit today.

The four workers claim that Volkswagen's German officials are illegally coercing fellow workers into representation by the United Auto Workers union.

Legal assistance for the suit came from the National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys, and the workers filed the charge with the National Labor Relations Board regional office in Atlanta.

The suit says that senior VW management in Germany stated that for any expanded production to be considered in Chattanooga, the plant must adopt a European works council that could force workers to accept the representation of UAW union officials.

At the focus of the suit, the workers charge that failure for Volkswagen to accept union representation would put job growth at risk.

Tennessee is a right-to-work state, which means it is unlawful to deny employment because of affiliation or non-affiliation with a labor union.