100 people die from drug overdoses every day in the United States.

Drug overdose rates have more than tripled since 1990.

Tennessee legislators are working to change those statistics. A new law went into effect on October 1 and is part of a state wide effort to reduce prescription drug abuse. It limits the amount of narcotic drugs you can get at one time.

Pills like Loratab, Oxycotin, Percocet, Xanax, Valium and other schedule two through five drugs will no longer be sold in quantities exceeding a 30 day supply.

"They're limiting the number they're able to get at once and if they're diverting them from somewhere else, that's just fewer that are on the street," said Dr. Jordan Morrison, pharmacist at Access Family Pharmacy.

Morrison says schedule two drugs will be the hardest to get because a doctor's visit is required.

"You have to have a new prescription each time. With the others like the C3's and down, you can have refills up to 6 months and a maximum of 5 refills," said Morrison.

Which means patients will pay more.

"Extra fees, extra co-pays, extra hassle of having to come back and pick it up every month," said Morrison.

"It makes it more difficult. It means more trips to the doctor or the pharmacy, more gas spent," said Ralph Whitehead.

Whitehead says the new law isn't fool-proof, and just hurts people who follow the rules.

"People that do drugs, if they want it bad enough they'll figure out a way to get it, even if it means breaking into your house and stealing it," said Whitehead.

"I'm hoping it will make a positive difference, I don't know how much it will really affect everything," said Morrison.

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