East Ridge Police are looking for a suspect involved with a shooting near the intersection of Ringgold Road and Moore Road that happened early Sunday morning around 2:45.

East Ridge Police tell Channel 3 that a manager from the Walgreens Pharmacy near Ringgold Road overheard gunshots and saw a maroon Chevy Suburban driving eastbound on Ringgold Road at a high rate of speed. 

Police located the Chevrolet Suburban in the parking lot of the Waffle House on Ringgold Road where they found two victims, Keone Scaife and Cardarius Ringer, with gun shot wounds in the vehicle. 

EMS and East Ridge Fire Rescue assessed the victims and their injuries and discovered that they were not life threatening.

Both victims were later transported to the hospital for treatment. East Ridge Police tell Channel 3 that multiple gun shots were on both sides of the vehicle.

The victims told police that they were driving along Ringgold Road at the intersection near Moore Road when a late model, light grey or silver-colored Chevy Impala or Malibu pulled alongside of them and started shooting.

East Ridge Police say the victims were unsure how many people were inside the suspect vehicle and could not provide any identification or description of them other than that there were at least two black males.  But the victims did say the suspect in the vehicle then fled the area. 

East Ridge Criminal Investigators also discovered that two pane glass windows of the Regions Bank were damaged by multiple stray firearm projectiles.

East Ridge Police are investigating this incident .Anyone with knowledge of the incident is urged to contact East Ridge Police at 423-622-1725 or 423-867-0016.