The parents of a 13-year-old teenager want the police to deal with a woman they say attacked their son during a high school football game at Harmon Field.

Witnesses say the woman grabbed the boy's face, scratched his cheeks and made him cry in front of the crowd.

Greta Rewland the boys mom says, "under no circumstance should an adult put their hands on a child out of anger. I believe my son is a victim of a crime."

The Dalton Police report states; Lana told the officer she was treating the 13-year-old the way he was treating other kids because she thought he was being a bully.

She also told the officer she didn't mean to scratch the teenagers face and was trying to push him away out of self-defense. 

Lana Baylock is now facing a battery misdemeanor charge.  She said her attorney advertised her to say "no comment at this time."