An elementary school in McMinn County was vandalized this past weekend.

The McMinn County Sheriff's Office is searching for the suspects who vandalized Englewood Elementary School.

A McMinn County deputy was called to the school Sunday afternoon about a possible burglary. An Englewood Police officer informed the deputy that someone had broken through a window on the ground floor and gone through the school, vandalizing it.

The vandal(s) had poured a liquid substance on one of the tables and had thrown food on the floor, The suspect(s) also apparently took a fire extinguisher off the wall and broke a flatscreen TV.

After that, the vandal(s) went inside the office lounge and "trashed the room."

The officers discovered panes of glass that had fingerprints on them and two more pieces of glass with shoeprints on them.

The glass was collected and has been sent to be studied. No suspects have been identified at this time. 

The investigation is ongoing.