It's the latest ruling in a high profile police brutality case.

Today a judge ruled against the City of Chattanooga and its request to delay putting two officers, fired for beating a man, back to work.

Administrative Law Judge Kim Summers denied a petition for stay of effectiveness, filed by the City of Chattanooga.

Summers is the same judge who last month ordered two officers, accused of using excessive force, back to work.

The City asked that a hold be put on re-instating police officers Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley, until the case can be reviewed further.

The two were fired after video was released, showing the pair beating inmate Adam Tatum.

Their attorneys maintain the two were just doing their jobs.

"They were doing nothing but protecting City of Chattanooga citizens when they came across someone on parole, who's high on crack, and armed with a knife, who's terrorizing people down at the salvation army," said Sean Emmer's Attorney Bryan Hoss, last month in an interview with Channel 3. 

Judge Summers sided with Emmer and Cooley, ordering the city to re-instate them both.

"Any type of misconduct is not tolerated by this city," said Mayor Andy Berke, following the ruling, "and we're going to review all of our options."

Judge summers said today, if the city wanted to file for a stay of effectiveness it should have done so by October 1st, as the original order states.

Now the city faces a different deadline.

It has 60 days to appeal in court.

Spokesperson Lacie Stone tells Channel 3 that appeal will likely be filed next week.

The City also asked Judge Summers to enter a final order so it can file that appeal in Chancery Court.

Summers replied to that request saying last month's order was final and immediately opened the case up for judicial review under state law.

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