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Man on trial for 2011 Thanksgiving shooting that left a man paralyzed

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A trial is underway for a Chattanooga man charged in a 2011 Thanksgiving shooting.

Kevin Chitty is charged with attempted 2nd degree murder and aggravated assault. Police say Chitty shot Jerry Martin after he rear-ended his truck. When martin tried to leave the scene, Chitty opened fire, hitting Martin in the face and neck.

Martin spent weeks in critical condition and is now a quadriplegic. Chitty has admitted to opening fire but claims it was in self defense.

Wednesday two of Chitty's sons took they stand. They were in the truck during the accident. His wife, who was also at the scene, testified as well.

A nurse who ran to Martin's aid, also gave her account of what happened that Thanksgiving night.

Kevin Chitty and his family were on their way to do some black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night 2011. While sitting at the intersection of Jersey Pike and Bonny Oaks, Jerry Martin rear-ended the back of Chitty's truck.

"We was hit from behind," said Jalen Chitty on the stand.

Chitty's son, Jalen, and his brother, Nicholas, along with Chitty's grandson, were in the truck. He says after the impact, Kevin Chitty checked on them, then grabbed his gun and got out.

Jalen and Nicholas both gave different accounts of what happened next, as Martin tried to leave the scene. Jalen says he saw what he thought was a gun through Martin's rolled up window.

"I seen a hand, that's about it. I seen a hand and something in his hand," said Jalen.

His younger brother, who was 13 at the time, tells a different story.

"They was getting ready to drive off, so they were driving off on the passenger side and I looked out the window and I thought I seen a gun, it was something black pointed out the window," said Nicholas Chitty.

Kevin Chitty was following his wife, Gloria, who was driving in a separate car. She echoes the story Chitty told police, that he was only defending himself and his family.

"He just said, 'I hope I didn't shoot anybody, but he didn't give me a choice. He didn't give me a choice,'" said Gloria, recounting what Kevin.

Also taking the stand, Diondra Pointer, a nurse. She, too, was sitting at the intersection that night in front of the Chitty's. She heard the accident happen but started to take off when she heard a gunshot. She saw Martin's car pass her on the right and crash and ran to help him.

"So I'm pressing on parts of his body, his legs, his chest and I ask him, 'Can you feel?' And he says, 'What are you doing?' And I said, 'You don't feel that?'" Pointer recounted on the stand.

Police never found a gun on Martin. A family member of Martin's says defense attorneys are trying to put his character on trial. He has a lengthy criminal history and was driving on a revoked license at the time of the crash.

Martin is set to testify in court Thursday about what happened that night.

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