A Calhoun man steps in front of a getaway van of suspects speeding away from a Home Depot. He did it to help stop a crime, shoplifting.

Eric Mowry spent only one night in the hospital after his body slid 28 feet down a highway when he was thrown from the van.

"You can see my bones right here on my knuckles." Eric Mowry explains the injuries he suffered when he was thrown from a van speeding away from a Home Depot after stealing thousand of dollars worth of power tools and faucets.

All he wanted to do is get a license plate number for police.

Calhoun Police Chief Garry Moss, "And they just walked out the door pushing carts and one of the employees told them to stop and they took off running."

That's when Mowry and his boss, who were in the parking lot saw the shoplifters loading the stolen merchandise into the van.

Mowry said he ran toward the van to try to distract the driver while his friend ran around the back to get a plate number but the van suddenly turned toward him and he couldn't get out of the way."

Eric Mowry, tried to stop shoplifters, "I thought I was dead. When I hit the van it felt like the van was going 60-70 miles and hour."

All he could do is grab onto the hood so he didn't get run over, hanging on for dear life while stared into the face of a female driver."

Eric Mowry, tried to stop shoplifters, "And I was begging her to stop. I just said let me off, I don't care what you do, just let me off. She said no, I'm gonna kill you."

Mowry was eventually thrown off onto the highway after the van made a sharp turn onto Highway 53.

"Over some power tools is what I understand. I mean they were going to kill somebody over some power tools."