Bebe Heiskell claims they forgot to file paper work required by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to build an RV park. She said, "it was a mistake that was overlooked."

The Walker County Commissioner said, "every time you try to make things better you may stumble along the way."

The county originally told the EPD it would turn the undeveloped land into an orchard farm. When it changed plans to an 9 acre RV park, no one contacted EPD about the change.

This mistake will now cost tax payers $10,000.

Despite the hefty fine and the 1 week construction delay, the 28 slot RV park was up and running just in time for the 150th Battle of Chickamauga Reenactment.

Bebe says, "all the vendors made money, the restaurants made money, the store made money.  We had over 30,000 people come through here in 4 days."

Current Mountain Cove employees believe the property will continue to impact the local economy. Lesley Tate says, "We have cabins and other rentals. We will host conventions, banquets, parties and weddings."