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Teen falls on Falling Water Trail

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Walden's Ridge Emergency Services found a 16-year-old male Saturday afternoon around 1 o'clock on Falling Water Trail with an ankle fracture after he fell 6 feet down the trail.

Earlier Saturday morning WRES responded to a 'High Fall' accident at Signal Point Trail.

Fire officials tell Channel 3 the teenager and his step-dad were riding horses on Falling Water Trail when they stopped to give the horses a break.

That's when the teen slipped and fell 6 feet down the trail and broke his right ankle.

When Walden Ridge Emergency Service Unit arrived on the scene, they had to hike about 200 yards to find the teen.

WRES personnel were able to stabilize the teenager and carry him out in a stokes stretcher.

The name of the victim is unknown but Hamilton County Emergency Services tells us they were from the Signal Mountain area and know these trails well.

Falling Water is a State Park and is not affected by the governmental shut down.

The trail is open to the public but HCES encourages hikers to be careful on the rocky and rough terrains.

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