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Pink Bowl: Raising funds to support scholars

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The stands were filled with people in pink.

Nearly 2,000 fans came out to watch powder puff football in an effort to bring awareness to breast cancer and help people like Ghena Frazier.

Cancer doesn't run in her family.  She never anticipated hearing the words, you have breast cancer.

"The first thing I thought of was my son Briar who was 12," said Ghena  Frazier.
Briar  Frazier, son , "I pretty much just got on my knees and started praying that God would take care of her."

Ghena fought a hard battle and won.  But financially the fight continues.
"After 5 years paying doctor bills.  They're still there."
An added pressure, for her son Briar, as he made the transition from high school to college.

"I was thinking that I didn't want my mom to pay for anything since she had all of these bills."

That's where the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation came in.

Locher, who lost her battle with cancer in 2005, wanted to make sure families like this one get the help they need.

"She was burdened and concerned about this need and knew that healthcare would take care of one need.  But knew that this need would be an ongoing one."

And at a game similar to this one, Briar was the one awarded.
"They called out his name and from then on, it's's been like a miracle."

A miracle that allowed Briar to concentrate on his mom's recovery.
Now they cheer on other families fighting the battle.

"It has been such a blessing.  I'm so glad Mel started this. She struggled so much, but look at what she's done."

The goal Thursday night was to raise 10 to 12 thousand dollars to help local families touched by cancer.

Thursday night three students were presented with $1,000 dollar scholarships to help ease the burden.

Organizers hope to include schools from the Chattanooga area in the games next year to increase the number of scholarships awarded.

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