The federal government is still partially shutdown with no change in sight and the disagreement in congress all comes down to "Obamacare." Republicans want it defunded. Democrats are standing their ground.

With Obamacare in affect, every American citizen is required to have health insurance in 2014, or be subject to fines. Channel 3 talked to a local man who says the government-mandated insurance is helping his family in a big way and wants people to try to look past the political back and forth that's at the center of the shutdown.

"You've got Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other and most of the news stories and coverage is based on the fight between those two groups and individual and real life stories aren't really brought out," Flinstone resident Chad Henderson said.

21-year-old Chad Henderson was raised by a single dad who dropped insurance on him years ago because premiums raised higher than he could afford.

"Normally if I have a cold or I'm really sick it's Nyquil and Tylenol," Henderson said.

His dad has never been covered.

"I cannot remember a time when he's ever went to the doctor because he just couldn't afford it so it'll be a lot easier knowing we have health care," Henderson said.

So they were on as soon as the insurance marketplace opened early Tuesday morning. They both picked a plan and enrolled.

"It was a little more than I thought it was going to be, but it's in my budget so I think I'll be able to afford it," Henderson said.

But, he says the biggest difference the Affordable Care Act is having on his family is by changing standards for people who already had insurance, like his baby cousin Anna Reese, who was born with half a heart. She's had hundreds of thousands of dollars in surgeries, hitting her insurance company's "lifetime cap" for care for one person. Now, that's no longer an issue.

"Once this health care law passed it lifted that cap, essentially saving her life," Henderson said.

Henderson hopes his story encourages others in our area to put their political beliefs aside to at least look into whether the new law can help them. Henderson took to social media to share his family's story and has been retweeted by White House advisors and the Secretary of Health.

Just a reminder, health coverage doesn't kick in until the new year and you have until March to purchase a plan before being fined.