UPDATE: A young man is in custody and charged with attempted murder after police say he shot his way through the Cleveland Lowe's store.

The shooting happened last night around 11:30 at the Lowe's on Paul Huff Parkway. The store was closed but a dozen workers were still inside. No one was hurt but police say the shooter was targeting a certain employee.

Twenty-two year-old Avery Shelton, Jr. was arrested Wednesday night and charged with attempted first degree murder and four counts of reckless endangerment. His bond is set a $1 million.

Police say Shelton shot his way through the door at the home improvement store with a 9mm handgun 90 minutes after it closed for the night.

"A lot of the employees fell on the ground... They weren't panicked, they weren't screaming which would have let to a lot of confusion," said Cleveland Police Lieutenant Robert Harbison.

Lt. Harbison said Shelton was targeting one specific worker with whom police say is involved in a domestic situation. The victim himself said he's friends with Shelton's estranged wife and that may have put him in the cross hairs.

Police say Shelton kept shooting. The affidavit states he chased his intended victim down the store's aisles, firing shots but missing each time.

"There were some of the employees pointing, hey he's that way, he's that way," Lt. Harbison said.

Police rushed in and arrested Shelton within a minute. That's when he apparently admitted to police he was there to kill just one person.

Harbison credits the Lowe's workers and his officers for the night's safe ending.

"If they hadn't done as they were trained, I believe there could've been some serious injuries if not deaths," he said.

Earlier in the day, a judge set Avery Shelton's bond at $1 million Thursday morning during Shelton's arraignment.

A court affidavit shows Lowe's shooter Avery Shelton, Jr. shot at the worker he was confronting, but missed. The document also states he had the intention to "kill him."

Shelton is charged with attempted first Degree murder and felony reckless endangerment.

An alleged shooter has been taken into custody at the Lowe's in Cleveland. 

Police say 22-year-old Avery Shelton, Jr. of Cleveland is the man who shot his way into the home improvement store. 

Bradley County officials say they responded to a shots fired call at the Lowe's in Cleveland around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Police say Shelton fired several shots at the door with a 9mm handgun, entered, and walked through the store firing shots. There were around 11 employees inside.

Shelton was inside the store when police arrived on the scene.

Shelton was looking for a specific employee who he had a domestic argument with, according to police.

Officers were able to take him custody within a minute of arriving on the scene.

Shelton will be arraigned this morning, and faces charges of attempted first degree murder and felony reckless endangerment.