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Crime Stoppers: Kangaroo Armed Hold Up

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Our victim was minding his own business, waiting for his next customer at the Dallas Road Kangaroo convenience store when the two crooks burst in, armed, and looking for trouble. "Gimme all the money, right now! Open the register, right now," one can be heard yelling on surveillance video. "Get all the money, bro. Get all the money, bro!"

It was a terrifying scene at the North Chattanooga store... just south of Normal Park Upper School in North Chattanooga. The bad guys were seen and heard on camera. They appear to be two black males, 18 to 25 years old, small in stature, 5'6' to 6' tall. One pointed a gun and continued to bark their demands. "Open the other register," he said. "Open it! Hurry up. Right now, bro, or I'll shoot!"

It was a quick operation taking less than a minute. All the clerk could do was comply, then lock up and call police. "Definitely, these two have done something like this before," said Chattanooga Police Sergeant Daniel Jones. "We need to catch these guys as soon as possible, just because they're probably gonna do another one."

Even with the audio, video, and still pictures, this week, these two did not make it easy. "Both of these guys actually had T-shirts wrapped around their heads," explained Jones. "So, it wasn't something where someone could actually see exactly who these guys were."

This time we will have to use other clues. And remember, up to a thousand dollars reward cash is waiting for the right piece of information that leads police to this duo and you can leave your tip anonymously. "So, if anybody has, recognizes these two guys," Sgt. Jones explained, "even the clothes they're wearing, the way they're standing, the way they run in, the way they run out, any one of these things, they need to call Crime Stoppers and call us as soon as possible so we can go ahead and get these guys into custody."

Now we need your help. Do you know anything about this crime or these criminals? Help get them off the street before they decide to fire their gun. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Remember, an officer may answer the phone, but he will never ask your identity.

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