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ONLY ON 3: Gov't Shutdown cancels wedding plans

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Catrina Shell Catrina Shell

If you ask Catrina Shell about the government shutdown, she would tell you it is not at the top of her list.

"It is government this and government that and now-a-days everything is government and it just doesn't interest me."

What did catch Shell's attention was a phone call about the government shutdown from a friend.

She's just a week away from her wedding and the venue, is closed off to the public, including her wedding.

"My friend said, oh my god. It is all over the front page of the newspaper. Point park is shut down. What are you going to do about your wedding? I just had to set the phone down."

The bride-to-be never imagined six months ago her fairy tale wedding would face a grim reality.

She says being a "bridezilla," wasn't an option.

"I could have chosen to throw a fit, have a nervous breakdown, but I said it is all in god's hands and said he will take care of this."

When you visit Point Park on Lookout Mountain, The welcome sign on the gate reads "Closed due to government shutdown."

Wednesday empty parking spaces lined the road and maybe a peek over the fence was the most a visitor could get.

Due to the government shutdown, this park, is losing about $800 a day from visitors.

Catrina isn't sure when or if she will be able to get her deposit money back.

"With my fitting coming up, the picking of the flowers, I also go to school and work full time in the midst of all of this."

On Capitol Hill day two of the shutdown has some lawmakers scratching their heads on when things will be back to normal

Senator Johnny Isakson (R) (GA) says, "Usually there is an endgame and right now I don't see an endgame in sight."

Shell says the show must go on, but trying to reorganize over a hundred guests has been strenuous.

"When I look back at my wedding photos and my wedding invitations I guess I'll just have to sit back and laugh."

She keeps good spirits now, but issues this word of advice to any couple looking to tie the knot.

"Expect anything. And when it happens just accept it. Remember it is still your day."

Catrina says she does have another venue for the wedding and it will still happen next week.

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