Nearly a week after a judge orders two Chattanooga Police officers fired for using excessive force to be reinstated, the city announced it will appeal.

The judge's decision has created a firestorm of controversy from city leaders and members of the public. Tuesday, the city council voiced its position on the appeal.

The city council had on the agenda a resolution, saying it commends and supports Mayor Berke's and Chief Dodd's decision to appeal the decision for Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley to get their jobs back. The resolution passed unanimously. Councilman Moses Freeman had some strong words, calling the initial ruling a "travesty of justice."

He said, "I think we are ashamed of their behavior in this particular action. We are ashamed of what they've done into our community. This does not represent our police department, does not represent the men and women of this department."

Chief Bobby Dodd addressed concerns from the public if the two men would be back on the job until the appeal is heard by the state court. He told Channel 3, "Until we've gone through the appeals process and a decision is made by a higher court, or by a court period, this was an administrative law judge, they will remain terminated."

The group known as 'Concerned Citizens for Justice' let it be known they support the city's actions. They are still gathering signatures for a petition that says regardless of what happens with the appeal process they do not want the officers back on the force. They have gathered around 1,000 signatures.