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More than 1500 TN National Guard military technicians and contract employees furloughed

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More than 1,500 Tennessee National Guard military technicians and contract employees throughout the state are on unpaid furlough due to Tuesday's government shutdown. 

Major General Max Haston, Tennessee's Adjutant General notified employees last week of possible furloughs beginning on October 1, 2013. 

Below is the statement that Haston provided employees with on the government shutdown and what that would mean for the employees and their jobs.

"This is an across the board furlough effecting essentially every military technician and contract employee in the Tennessee Army and Air National Guard. There is no question that this will  cause serious hardships on our employees and degrade our ability to conduct operations, but even with the government shutdown, our remaining Soldiers and Airmen will strive to continue to meet the challenges and ensure the security of our state and nation.  Our Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) and Tennessee State employees will continue to work and maintain essential operations of the Military Department," said Haston.

Military technicians are civilian employees most of whom are in dual-status positions. 

Dual-status technicians do the same functions as their active duty counterparts and AGR personnel. However contract employees work in specialized areas supporting the Tennessee National Guard missions.

These technicians and contract employees work in almost every aspect of the military system and perform critical skills that greatly affect the Guard's readiness in responding to both state and federal missions.

The Tennessee National Guard has deployed more than 28,000 men and women since 9/11. Some of these men and women have deployed as many as five times. 

The Tennessee Guard has 145 units in more than 100 installations, wings and armories in 83 communities across Tennessee.

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