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Tupelo Honey Cafe raises funds for Chattanooga Mobile Market

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Tupelo Honey Cafe and Chattanooga's Mobile Market are partnering together to bring quality food to inner-city communities.

A portion of Tupelo Honey Cafe's sales will directly benefit the Mobile Market, starting October 1 and continuing through Thursday.

The Chattanooga Mobile Market is a portable grocery store that supplies food desert areas of the city with access to fresh produce and a variety of health-conscious staples like milk and bread.

The mobile market was specifically established to address food access concerns in 12 specified Chattanooga neighborhoods. More than 1,000 residents from those targeted areas have shopped at the Mobile Market.

"The Mobile Market is an invaluable resource to the community, and we're delighted to help provide access to healthy, affordable food to all Chattanooga residents, no matter where they live," said Stephen Frabitore, president of Tupelo Honey Cafe.

Tupelo Honey Café will conduct a series of cooking demonstrations with the Mobile Market and will provide a meal for community participants that highlight fresh, seasonal produce available through the Mobile Market.

Recipe cards and the specific produce during the demonstration will be provided free-of-charge to participants.

"Knowledge of how to prepare simple, shared meals is a powerful tool that we, as a society, can't afford to lose," said Frabitore. "That's one reason why the outreach efforts of the Mobile Market are so pivotal."

Tupelo Honey Cafe also plans to make annual donations, to improve and advance the long-term success of the Mobile Market program and to develop a 3-year strategic growth and outreach plan for the market.

The Asheville-based Tupelo Honey Cafe opened in Chattanooga last month and is located at the Motor Court entrance of Warehouse Row's Building North.  To find out their hours of operation and much more click here.

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