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UPDATE: 75 principals will change Chattanooga

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UPDATE: The Hamilton County Department of Education, Public Education Foundation and several other local foundations and businesses have partnered to launch the Leadership Pipeline to support new, aspiring and veteran principals. 

"The Chattanooga community has rallied around public education to invest time, expertise, and resources to ensure every school in Chattanooga has a strong team helping every student become college and career ready. This is a district priority and a community effort," said Rick Smith, Superintendent of Hamilton County Schools.

The main goal and focus of the pipeline is to change the system of principal selection and support within 5 years. Moving the school to a district with 75 outstanding instructional leaders is what the pipeline is intended for.  

These 75 principals will inspire 3,000 teachers who in turn will transform, motivate and inspire 42,000 future students, with a potential $620M impact to the Chattanooga economy.

"The Leadership Pipeline is a true reflection of the "Chattanooga Way". We had the privilege of working to bring partners to the table around this initiative, including the Benwood Foundation, businesses, and individuals. This is about harnessing the power of Chattanooga to make sure our principals and teachers get the support they need to educate all students," said Johnny Smith, Executive Director of the McKenzie Foundation.

Almost $1M has been raised for the launch of the Leadership Pipeline, with over $2M in for the 5 year initiative. 

The Leadership Pipeline is created around the vision that every principal in Hamilton County must do four things: Increase the academic achievement of all students, Know effective instruction and assessment and use this knowledge to strengthen teaching, Build honest and effective relationships with students, parents, teachers, and community members and finally Fiercely advocate for all students.

"Being a principal is an incredibly difficult yet incredibly important job. That is why it is imperative we are able to offer the best professional development for our school leaders.The Leadership Pipeline builds off of 15 years of leadership work and will offer on-site executive coaching for new principals, mentorship for third-year principals, monthly training sessions, learning networks for all principals, and peer and outside evaluation," said Dan Challener, President of Public Education Foundation.

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Today at 11:00am, we'll find out.

An five-year initiative in Hamilton County public schools, with support from foundations, businesses, and individuals will be announced at East Ridge Elementary School this morning.

There, we'll find out details about what lies in store for students, teachers and parents of Hamilton County Schools at part of the Public Education Foundation.

The PEF's mission is "We want to increase student achievement so all students succeed in learning and in life."

Stay with Channel 3 for more details on this initiative.

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