A local couple says they were denied access to a community meeting that was advertised over the AM radio station 1260 Glory WNOO.

Marina and Russell Robard say were looking forward to attending together. Marina sat through one last week by herself and thought it was a good idea to bring her husband along for the next one.

She said the advertisement was about unifying their community. Marina says the exact opposite happened after two men dressed in suits allowed her in but told her husband he was not allowed in because of his skin color.

Marina then called the Chattanooga Police Department and told the arriving officer she thought her husband was asked to leave for being Caucasian.

Inside the meeting was District 9 City Councilman Yusefm Hakeem.  He said, "I think it would be inappropriate to comment."

The organizers of the event Kevin and Sidney Mohamed said "no comment."

Glory 1260 WNOO released a statement saying, "the information was aired during a program from a paying client."