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Plans to drain north GA blood pond on hold

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A small north Georgia town wants to make sure a nearby creek remains uncontaminated while plans to drain a nearby blood pond are in the works.

Hinkle, GA was once home to long time slaughter house, Rock Creek Sausage Company. It sat vacant for years before the April 27th tornado destroyed it.

Crews were on site Monday morning to prepare the property. However, plans for contractors to drain the pond later this week are on hold after public outcry.  

"Their plan was to come up and breach or put a pipe in the pond and drain out what is estimated to be over 800,000 gallons," says local landowner, Jill Wyse. 

The concern is nearby Rock Creek. Environmental Protection Division spokesperson Bert Langley says the problem is the ability to drain the water at a rate that would keep the creek clean. The community worries that won't happen.

"Use your common sense, that is going to run into the creek," says Wyse.

 Channel 3 contacted the Lula Lake Land Trust, which gave the go ahead to begin the work.

"We do not own the property. We have the property under contract," Director Katherine Eddins says.

She says the Feds approved a remediation to drain the water after the soil and water was tested. "Move those on a field nearby, to take them and spread them on the field, that's one option," Eddins explains.

Channel 3 spoke to Cindy Askew with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, part of U.S. Agricultural Department. She says lab results show the soil and water are well within range of agriculture use.

"If the neighborhood is stirred up about this and they feel uninformed we're going to certainly try to get everybody informed about what we're doing before we do anything else," Eddins says.

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